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How to choose the best towel to dress your structure?

Today, thanks to the innovation of Outdoor Design, the offer of swimming pool sunbeds and beach chairs is really wide. 

For this reason, limiting yourself to one model of beach towel is no longer enough. We have studied sizes and models to suit all variants, to bring luxury and comfort to outdoor life as well. Our Sale team, always updated about new design Items from best Outdoor brands, can help you ffor the best choice of model and sizes.

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Director's chair

Towel size:
65×125 cm

XL Sunbed

Towel size:
140×240 cm

Deck chair

Towel size:
70×145 cm


40×60 cm

Sun bed

Towel size:
100×180 cm
100×200 cm
100×220 cm
100×240 cm

How to choose the best color?

The choice of colour is very important both for a new structure and for an image makeover.

Our style department can advise you about best color combination.

If you are looking for a specific color that  you cannot find on our colour chart, please do not hesitate to contact us for a customised sample.

Our terry is dyed in italy with the “indanthrene treatment” , which guarantees an excellent resistance to sunlight, chlorine, and washing.

How to choose the best embroidery?

Add value to your beach towel by customising it with your logo, a symbol, a number, or initials. If you do not find the font you like on our sheet, do not hesitate to ask our experienced graphic designers.

For our embroideries, we only use yarns that are resistant to sun, chlorine and washing at up to 90 degrees.

Font 1

Font 2




Our terry does not fade in the sun or chlorine. All towels have been made with great care and attention.

If you want to keep them soft, we recommend washing dark-coloured towels at 40°, reducing the dose of detergent and adding a little white vinegar instead of fabric softener.

You can wash light coloured towels at 60°, with mild detergents, without optical brighteners or chlorine, which would yellow the garments.

Modern industrial laundries are prepared and equipped for the most suitable washings, but do not hesitate to ask for instructions if you have any doubts. You can dry them in the open air, or in a tumble dryer at medium temperature. There is no need to iron them.

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